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Medical Grade Peel VS Professional peel ....

Lets talk about peels! Its about time for everyone to being their journey to remove the sun damage from the summer. Peels have come a long way over the years, there is something for everyone! There are so many sub-categories for this topic such as downtime, skin color, mandelic, TCA, glycolic which is right for who? Today we will just focus on the difference between Medical grade and Professional peels. Medical grade peels have a higher level of active ingredients. Medical grade peels such as those made by ZO one of my personal favorites require a Medical Director in order to purchase and perform these services. People assume that because it is medical grade that you slough more skin ( think Samantha from Sex in the City) but that is not always the case. Some Medical grade peels have zero downtime, and you don't even notice that anything was done yet those active ingredients are still doing their job... While some will actually sheet peel. Both have a purpose let your provider explain what they think is best for you and why. These peels are usually found in Medical Spas, Derm offices and Plastic surgeons offices. Professional peels work similar however they don't have as much of the active ingredient as the Medical grade peels. Do they work? Absolutely they are just not as strong. Where can you find professional grade peels? Days spas, and stand alone Estheticians commonly offer this version of peels. Hope this helps educate you on what might be the best fit for you!



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